Landing pages platform

Landing pages platform

Landing Pages Platform to Maximize the Results of Landing Pages

Landing pages, what are they? Landing pages are described as a place or page where users can land when they click organic research, email link, ad banner or follow a URL of mail or TV campaign. It offers an entry point for people who reach the site by clicking the external link. Once a user looks for one of the keywords then clicks it through your website, your visitors will enter a page that contains specific information about the keyword. Many website owners recognize its importance and for this reason, they are looking for better landing pages platform.

Whether you need a micro website or a standard landing page, it can be designed and coded in any cutting-edge landing pages platform. By separating these pages from the website, it allows you to freely experiment on different designs, promotions as well as contents and then vary them in order to maximize the results. In general, the platform is specifically designed for optimization of landing pages and testing is very easy with the use of extensive reporting. In addition, the landing pages platform allows editing and adding of landing pages without any limit using any kind of designs.

Landing pages create a nice welcome for the visitors arriving in your website from email campaigns, pay- per-click and search. In order to convert the visitors to customers, these pages require great design, reporting technology and optimization which are being offered by landing pages platform.

30-day Snapshots

You obtain accurate and fully integrated reporting that is very easy to use. The 30-day snapshots of landing pages platform provide a quick assessment of the recent bounce rate, conversion rate and traffic. More information is just a few clicks away in real-time configurable performance gauges.


Is performance-oriented platform intended to enhance the conversion performance through making basic and real-time metrics such as bounce rate, traffic and conversion rate. These are essential components of pages, traffic sources, tests and campaigns. With this benefit from landing pages platform, it allows you to see the performance of a campaign at a glance.

SEO-Friendly Landing Pages

SEO pages or paid search optimization (PPC) needs specialized capabilities. The landing pages platform should be SEO-friendly to help in maximizing the quality scores.

A/B testing

This is useful to balance traffic or randomly serve the traffic to different user experiences as you want and optimize automatically or manually. The good thing is that a test can be launched in just a minute.

Automated Reports

If you want a report mailed to your inbox, the landing pages platform includes a reporting engine that is easy to automate. Just point and tick what you want to view and when you want to receive it. Your chosen format will be sent to you in PDF, Excel or HTML on the specified frequency.

Conditional Logic

When managing campaigns on day-to-day basis, you will learn that change is constant. There is always new behavior to motivate or new idea to experiment.

Landing pages are the most essential conversion tool used for email marketing and search. They can be made independently by your website or by landing pages platform for easy deployment.

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