Maestro Information Systems


The world is changing in front of our eyes. Knowledge and technology are readily available and have become an integrated part of our life. The technology and information systems market is booming opening endless opportunities for those who work there.

We specialize in the development of internet and cellular systems. This is the most exciting and fast expanding field in the world of technology.

We "fit to measure" the exact exclusive outfit for each and every company with which we work. There is no limit to what we can create together. We are strict about keeping the design minimalistic and writing a clean code which is flexible to changes if they may arise in the future when your company grows.

Until this day we have been involved in dozens of different projects, including: development of information systmes, ecommerce sites, cellular applications, charges and billing systems, stock management systems, CRM platforms, e-learning systems, interfaces system for credit card clearing, sms, telephone and more.

In our clientele you may find communication and technology companies, design and architectural offices, advertising and internet agencies and third sector organizations.

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